PXG Showroom Final Clean

CheckMark helped PXG get it’s 6,925 square foot state of the art golf club showroom ready to open. This space was spotless and ready to stock when CheckMark handed over the project!

Lovelady High School Final Clean

CheckMark is proud of our partnership with Pogue Construction at Princeton ISD’s Lovelady High School. This 170,000 square foot, ground up new school showcased CheckMark’s ability to manage large scale cleaning projects that included a variety of cleaning challenges. From the gymnasium and the cafeteria kitchen to rows of lockers and 80,000 square feet of VCT strip and wax, CheckMark turned the project over in pristine condition ready for the dedication ceremony.

“The CheckMark team was great. They arrive, go to work, communicate and address questionable areas, and ALWAYS check-in for sign-off before leaving. I appreciate it!””

~ Pogue Construction

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